December 09, 2020

Grief doesn't take a break during the holidays. Sometimes, it makes it worse. 

Take a moment to acknowledge your feelings. Whatever you’re feeling is real and okay.

Grieving people, especially children, may feel a mixture of negative and positive feelings during this time. Try to be gentle with yourself and your children and talk about how those feelings can coexist. You can miss your person and still feel good about enjoying the holidays.

If possible, think through your options. Participate in whatever feels right for you – right now. There may be pressure from family or friends to attend a holiday party, family gathering, or holiday show — but it’s okay to say no if you aren’t ready to join in.

It may be helpful to commit to something that sounds fun while reminding yourself that you don’t have to stay the entire time. It is also okay to opt-out of certain things altogether. Or feel free to say yes, with the caveat that you may feel differently when the time comes.

Finding a balance between engaging and not pushing yourself may be the best way to plan – especially when the holiday season feels overwhelming to you and your kids.

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