How Do We Get Started?

Call us at 419/360-4939 or complete the form below. 

During the first phone conversation, we’ll explain the program in more detail and answer your questions.  Then, we'll invite you and the kids to visit Good Grief for a tour of our program space.

It is important for the children to come with the adults to this first visit because it helps to relieve any fears or doubts children have if they can see the space and ask any questions they have about Good Grief. 

Once you’ve visited and decided you’d like to start attending peer support groups, we will ask you to complete a small amount of paperwork.  Then we will help you decide which of our program nights is the best fit for you and your family.

Please note - While we welcome calls from concerned friends, family members, or others, Good Grief staff will not contact a grieving family unless we hear from the family themselves.  Because we know that people grieve in their own way and time, we recognize unexpected calls may not be welcomed. If you know of a family in need of grief support, please mention Good Grief of NW Ohio and let them know we are here whenever they are ready.

Support Group Interest Form

How many people in each age group will attend a support group?

Questions, Comments, or Concerns