October 20, 2022

Children's Grief Awareness Day is November 17th. A day to EDUCATE the community about children who are grieving. A day to EQUIP peers and adults to be companions for grieving children. A day to HONOR these children and their loved ones who have died. 

In addition to wearing BLUE on the 17th, here are other ways you can participate in observing CGAD and let kids who are grieving know they're not alone! 

  • Create a virtual butterfly for the Illuminating HOPE Butterfly Garden.
  • Pledge to tell three people about Children's Grief Awareness Day.
  • Involve your business or school and make a Wall of HOPE by writing messages of support or names of loved ones on paper butterflies and hearts. 
  • Educate yourself and others about childhood grief. 
  • Participate in Discovering Good Grief the week of November 7th - and share our content with your friends! 
  • Stop by on Friday, November 11th for Discovering Good Grief to visit our space and learn more about our services. 

Grieving kids don't just "get over it." They need support - more support and for a longer time than most people assume. 

Join us in showing support for the grieving children in our community by wearing blue on November 17th! 

For more ideas and activities, visit the Children's Grief Awareness Day website