September 16, 2020

In light of continued health concerns due to COVID-19, we are inviting everyone to take part in a virtual version of our Annual Community Breakfast.

This year guests will receive an interactive virtual "Breakfast Menu" which will include  informational, promotional, and fundraising specific content. Guests will receive their package via email the morning of Monday October 26th, with an invitation to make one of their breakfasts that week a Good Grief breakfast. The great thing is – they can do that anytime its convenient for them!

And this is where you can help - because frankly, it’s YOU and your willingness to bring friends, family, and colleagues to the table to learn more about Good Grief’s free grief support that makes this event a success!

If you’ve thought about being a Table Captain before but worried your people wouldn’t attend an 8:00 am event (kids, work, aversion to morning events) then this year is the perfect year to say “YES!” There are no limits on who to invite – people from anywhere can participate at any time!

If you are interested in becoming a Table Captain, simply fill out this form to get on our Table Captain mailing list! 

We depend on the money raised at the breakfast to provide our vital services at no cost to participants. In many cases, our free services are a family’s only option for support at a very difficult and vulnerable time. Our Table Captains help make that happen!